Itä-Hakkilan Kilpa

Medals 2022:
(Playoff A)
Itä-Hakkilan Kilpa was one of 79 clubs from Finland that had teams playing during Wasa Footballcup 2022. They participated with three teams in Girls 12, Girls 13 and Girls 14 respectively. Two teams played until Bronze match in Playoff A; Girls 12 / Sininen won over Röbäcks IF F10 by 2-0 but Girls 14 IHK T 08-09 Sininen lost against FC Nokia valkoinen by 0-1.

Itä-Hakkilan Kilpa comes from Vantaa which lies approximately 360 km from Vasa, where Wasa Footballcup takes place. The area around Vantaa does also provide six additional clubs participating during Wasa Footballcup 2022 (Tuusulan Palloseura, EPS, FC Honka, NJS, EBK and Valtti).

18 games played


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