Age group
B=Boys G= Girls
Born YearMatch
per team
B11/G112009-01-012x158HAMOffside Area2x54
B10/G102010-01-012x158HAMOffside Area2x54
B9/G92011-01-012x155HAM 2x53
B8/G82012-01-012x155HAM 2x33
B7/G72013-01-012x155HAM 2x33

A-FINAL matchtime
B14/G14 -> 2x30
B12-13/G12-13 2x25

B10-11/G10-11 2x20

all other games as normal.

In age groups B/G7-9 uses Finnish FA rules “Kaikki Pelaa” without point score and league tables

The teams are divided into groups where all teams playing against each other. Teams are then placed according to points won. Three (3) points for win, one (1) point for draw.

If two or more teams achieve the same point score, their placing order is decided as follows:
1. Points in games between each other
2. Goal difference in games between each other
3. The highest number of goals scored in games between each other
4. Goal difference in group matches
5. Scored goals in whole tournament
6. Drawing lots

If the game is still a tie at the end of extra time it will be decided by a penalty shoot-out. The penalty shoot-out is held according to FIFA´s and Finnish FA´s rules.

Referees and game leaders
All the referees have an official referee license. In the youngest ages educated game leaders are used. Wasa Footballcup is held according to Finnish FA´s and FIFA´s rules.

Rules for the games

  • The same player is able to play in one team during the cup (FA rules 2020). But not in the same age group.
  • Before the first game every team needs to give the organization a register of all the players that will compete in the tournament.
  • Every team needs to be ready for the game 15 min before it starts.
  • If both teams have the same color on the shirt it is the away team, according to the schedule, that changes shirt. The goalkeepers need to have a different shirt than the players.
  • Shin-guards are compulsory in every game.
  • All disagreements and protests are decided by a four person jury that the organization committee has chosen.
  • The organization committee has the rights to change the game schedule.
  • if a playoff- or final game are tied, the winner is decided by penalty shootout with both teams having three (3) penalties each. If it is still tied after the penalties, the penalty shootout is continuing with one penalty after another.

Bookings and send offs
A players who been sent off cannot participate in the team´s next game. Bookings given in previous games aren’t counted. The competition jury has the right to give penalties.

Possible protests are handed in written form to the organization committee (tournament office) latest 30 minutes after the game has ended. The protest fee is 100 € and has to be paid at the same time.

The one the protest is against shall be heard. The protest fee is paid back if the protest is approved. The jury´s decision cannot be appealed. Protests affecting the referee´s decision need to be reported immediately after the game. Protests affecting the field, competition materials and so on, cannot be discussed if not reported before the game has started.

If a team isn´t appearing on the field at least five minutes before the games starts or not enough number of players or are late without any valid reason the appearing team on the field wins the game with 3-0. The team that was given the walkover might be disqualified out from the tournament and its games will be dismissed.